Saturday, October 19, 2013

L's Birthday Interview

1. L, how old are you today?  SIX!

2. How does it feel to be 6?  Fun. Good. 
3. Why?  Because I get to do more things, like learn how to do the monkey bars and how to snorkel and swim better.
4. I think you will like being 6, don't you?  Yes!
5. What do you think are the most important things you’ve learned in life so far?  Discovering things about nature and learning how things like airplanes and robots work.
6. How do you think you’re different from a year ago?  Bigger and I can do more hard things, like climbing trees.   
7. What’s your favorite thing about having a birthday?  Presents!  And playing games!  And cake!  I love my Lego cake!  You know what would be terrible?  If you forgot to make me a Lego cake and accidentally made me a Barbie cake instead.  

8. What are your nicknames?  People can just call me any name that starts with an L.  Like Lollipop, or Loop-de-Loop, or Luke Skywalker. 
9. What do you think of your school?  It's good, because it's fun.  Miss F is nice, and I love PE and Art and Library.  I want to live at school because it's so fun!  Then I could creep around school at night--creep, creep, creep--and read books in the library and play on the playground and peek into the principal's office.

10. What do you like learning about?  Science.  Stuff like the five senses, and animals.
11. What's your favorite Bible story?  Moses.
12. Who's your favorite person in the Bible?  Jesus. 
13. What do you want to be when you grow up?  A spy.  A really tough one.  I think I'm going to just have one eye, and a big tattoo with real ink down my leg, and walk around without a shirt, or maybe with just a swim shirt. Then I'll be a super scary spy and no one will mess with me. (Er...what?!)  

I also want to be a scuba diver.  Can you get me a tuxedo so I can swim underwater better?  A tuxedo?  Yeah, you know, one of those tight suits people wear underwater.  Um, do you mean a wetsuit?  Yeah!  That's almost the same word, right? 
14. Tell me about our family.  Mommy and Daddy are in it, and I love them.  And I have one hundred brothers!  Well, I really only have two.  
15.  What do you like about having brothers?  They're fun.  And I love them.  And I want to hug them right now.

16. What is something Mommy always says to you?  Go make your bed.
17. And Daddy?  Go brush your teeth!
18. What is your favorite toy?  Legos.
19. What is your favorite place to go?  The beach.  I love snorkeling.  I love to go far out and look at all of the fishies and one time I saw a striped fish, and once I saw a polka-dotted fish.  I think that's the rarest kind.  
20. What do you love to do?  Swim.  Go to the zoo and ride the little train.
21. What's your favorite book?  On the Moon.
22. What would be the best thing someone could give you?  A pigeon.  I love pigeons.
23. If you had a whole day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?  Go to the beach and snorkel.  And then I would climb up to the docks and jump onto a boat that is pulling out, and ride on it until it gets close to a beautiful beach, and then I would jump off and swim there.  I love clear water and coral reefs and fish.

24. Do you think you’ll ever get married?  No.  Because it's too disgusting.  Kissing on the lips is just too gross.
25. How old do you think you’ll be if you do get married?  Um, 100.  I hope no one falls in love with me until I'm old enough to be in a nursing home.
26. What’s your favorite food?  Dumplings.  Fried ones.  And hamburgers.  
27. Anything you’re scared of?  I'm scared of dangerous stuff.  Like what?  Like fires and tornadoes and earthquakes.
28. What makes you happy?  Getting presents, being with my family or friends, going to school.
29. Anything else you’d like to say?  I love to hug mommy.  And I think she's so beautiful.  (Sweet L!)  I love my family.  That's all.

30. Can you think of any questions I should have asked but didn’t?  You should have asked me about my favorite animals.  Like killer whales.

Thanks for the interview, L! 
You're welcome!  Now it's your turn, Mom!  What's your favorite animal?
Mmmm, probably an otter.  For the other questions we have to wait for my birthday!  See you here again next year when you turn 7. 
Oh, okay!  Bye!


  1. "and once I saw a polka-dotted fish. I think that's the rarest kind." L.O.L.! What a funny kid!!

    Love this idea! Love it. Always have. I have got to start doing something like this too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. He's a funny guy. :) You should totally start doing it! It's hilarious to look back on old interviews as they get older.


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